Situated 2 miles from The Queens Arms is our smallholding. The Farm side has grown slowly but steadily. Three years on all our eggs come from The Farm. The chickens freely roam the fields by day. before spending the night tucked up in their sheds on fresh grass and hay. We have a mix
of Gloucester Old Spot and Saddleback Cross pigs that live in a two and a half ac,e paddock and enjoy a diet of surplus milk, fruit and vegetables.

In addition we have a pampered little herd of Belted Galloways and Oexters and we’re looking forward to them becoming a more substantial element to our far farm.


The pub is at the heart of over 30 local shoots. During the season we receive a number of partridges, pheasants and fallow deer from our local gamekeepers. These feature regularly on our menu from October to the end of January.

Kitchen Garden

Four years ago we established a strong relationship with our neighbour to provide us with locally grown seasonal fruit and vegetables from their walled kitchen garden. Head Chef works with them to plant outstanding produce which is used daily in our kitchen.

Herb Garden

An abundance of herbs are available from our herb garden situated just outside the kitchen. Chefs and staff pop out on a regular basis to collect parsley, fennel , mint. rosemary and thyme.